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30 June, 2022

The third phase (2016-2022) of the regional cooperation programme for social cohesion of the European Union in Latin America and the Dominican Republic concluded with the Final Seminar and High Level EU-LAC Dialogue.

18 April, 2022

This was the purpose of a workshop entitled 'Evaluation tools for actions of re-education for aggressors against women in Mexico'.

4 April, 2022

The Governor of the State of Guanajuato, EU Ambassador to Mexico, finance secretaries from ten Mexican states, coordinator of the governance area of EUROsociAL+ and director of the Institute of Fiscal Studies of Spain participate in the meeting with the European Union: State Treasury Model.

31 March, 2022

Experts from Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Peru met the team from the Social Policies area of the EUROsociAL+ Programme at the School of Hospitality and Gastronomy, Casa del Marqués in Cartagena (Colombia) to build a roadmap to make labour skills certifications valid in the four PA member countries.

21 February, 2022

The coordinator of the Gender Equality Policies area, Ana Perez Camporeale, and the deputy coordinator, Alfonso Martínez-Saenz, carried out a mission to Mexico where they met with different counterparts to discuss the progress and roadmaps of activities supported by EUROsociAL+ in the lines of action of violence, sexual and reproductive health and masculinities, lines that are outlined as escorting some public policy reforms and specific actions to improve social cohesion.

9 February, 2022

A new meeting of the Latin American Network to start regional Mapping on triple impact public policies and businesses in Latin America, supported by the EU through EUROsociAL+, was attended by public institutions from Argentina (Ministry for Productive Development), Brazil (Ministry of Economy), Mexico (Ministry of Economy) and Uruguay (Planning and Budget Office).

20 December, 2021

The countries that make up the Latin American Network on Public Policies for investment and impact businesses, promoted by EUROsociAL+, participated in the International Microfinance Forum organised by Banco do Nordeste do Brasil, with the support, among others, of the EUROsociAL+ Programme.

14 July, 2021

The international seminar, organised by the Government of Guanajuato Secretariat of Finance, Investment and Administration and the European Union EUROsociAL+ programme, showcased the good practice developed by the State of Guanajuato, which has earned it several national and international distinctions.

12 July, 2021

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay are advancing in the formation of a network for the exchange of experiences and good practices on policies to encourage triple impact businesses in the region.

14 June, 2021

La Red de Expertos del Grupo Técnico Laboral de la Alianza del Pacífico se reunió para avanzar, con el apoyo de EUROsociAL, en el diseño de la propuesta de un sistema de homologación y reconocimiento mutuo de las certificaciones de competencias laborales en los 4 países de la Alianza.