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30 June, 2021

Uruguay advances in the definition of a Comprehensive Employment Promotion Plan 2021-202 with the support of EUROsociAL+ through a significant dialogue and joint work with all public institutions and social actors.

28 June, 2021

The European Union EUROsociAL+ programme has supported the SICA Regional Integrated Social Policy (PSIR-SICA) 2020-2040 and the Plan for Recovery, Social Reconstruction and Resilience in Central America and the Dominican Republic (3R Plan).

22 June, 2021

EUROsociAL+ and CLACSO present the report “Mapping Initiatives by Civil Society Organisations to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic”

20 June, 2021

On 8 and 10 June, Sessions I and II of Roundtable VI, Fundamental Rights, were held to discuss the contributions the European experience can offer in configuring the new Chilean Constitution in relation to the formulation of a catalogue of rights and the mechanisms for guaranteeing them.

17 June, 2021

The Ibero-American networks of Public Ministries, with the support of the EU EUROsociAL+ Programme, are committed to strengthening direct international cooperation, joint investigation teams, transnational property investigations, asset recovery and the fight against the differentiated impact of corruption on women.

14 June, 2021

La Red de Expertos del Grupo Técnico Laboral de la Alianza del Pacífico se reunió para avanzar, con el apoyo de EUROsociAL, en el diseño de la propuesta de un sistema de homologación y reconocimiento mutuo de las certificaciones de competencias laborales en los 4 países de la Alianza.

7 June, 2021

Specialists from Latin America and Europe exchanged international experiences on policies, programmes and actions to promote business and the formalisation of employment and the social protection of workers in key informal sectors, including domestic work, transport and trade. The discussion was organised by the EUROsociAL+ Programme with the coordination of the IILA within the framework of the initiatives it promotes in the area of social policies.

3 June, 2021

The fifth round-table meeting in the “Chile-European Union Dialogues” webinar cycle on development and sustainability addressed the state promotion of sustainable economic development and associated rights, which are considered to be key issues in Chile’s constitutional process.

28 May, 2021

The Forum was attended by Felice Zaccheo, Head of Unit at the European Commission Directorate-General for International Partnerships (INTPA-EuropeAid), Irene Campos Gómez, Costa Rica’s Minister of Housing and Human Settlements, Darío Herrera, the Ecuadorian Minister of Urban Development and Housing, José Luis Ábalos, the Spanish Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Affairs, Jonathan Tybalt Malagón González, Colombia’s Minister of Housing, City and Territory and representatives of EUROsociAL+, ECLAC, UN Habitat, SISCA, European Investment Bank, OXFAM Mexico and EUROCLIMA, among others.

26 May, 2021

The Institute for Access to Public Information (IAIP), with the support of the USAID Activity for Fiscal Transparency, the Transparency and Access to Information Network (RTA), and the European Union EUROsociAL+ cooperation programme, organised the International Virtual Seminar “Good practices for citizen participation in improving public information during the COVID-19 pandemic”.