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28 March, 2020

Statement of Jutta Urpilainen, Commissioner for International Partnerships, (28 march 2020): "Our support for our partner countries in their efforts to counter the social and economic impact of the crisis needs to be equally wide-ranging and robust. It must include helping with measures to support people’s incomes, provide them with some form of social protection, protect workers at the workplace, prevent discrimination and social exclusion, and safeguard human rights, especially where women, girls and the most vulnerable in society are concerned".

8 March, 2020

“Not only to survive, but to thrive. Not only to listen, but to lead. Not only to learn, but to earn”

24 February, 2020

The extension of this initiative to ten federative entities is planned by the SNE within the framework of the support of the social policy area of EUROsociAL+ in IILA

19 February, 2020

Peru, Mexico, Colombia and Chile work together to integrate a network that promotes and standardises the systems of evaluation and certification of labour competencies, with support from the social policy area of the Programme in IILA

17 February, 2020

One year after the international seminar on “human mobility in Latin America” held in Madrid, the Programme has 14 work axes in place to support public policies for the migrant population.

14 February, 2020

EUROsociAL+, through its area of social policies in IILA, supports the gradual extension of child care and development services, which is also incorporating a gender perspective in the system.

12 February, 2020

The social policy area of EUROsociAL+ in IILA accompanies the Under-Secretariat for Chilean Childhood to improve programmes that promote the comprehensive development of children and adolescents, as part of Chile Crece Contigo (Chile Grows With You)

10 February, 2020

EUROsociAL+ has promoted an exchange visit of the National Family Welfare Programme and the National Council for the Integration of Peruvian People with Disabilities in Spain, which has been accompanied by the social policy area in IILA.

1 February, 2020

EUROsociAL+ has promoted, from the area of democratic governance in the FIIAPP, together with Minsal, the ISSS and IAIP in San Salvador, this new legislation that aims to expedite health treatment and strengthen the rights of patients.

27 January, 2020

The institutions of the Government of the Dominican Republic and the European Union have chaired the first “country-dialogue table”, technically coordinated by the three policy areas of the Programme in the FIIAPP, Expertise France and IILA.