What is Recíprocamente

Latin America and the Caribbean have made great strides to forge an inclusive model of citizenship, but social inequalities persist. Europe, on the other hand, is facing a crisis that also undermines the foundations of its welfare regimes. Both regions share challenges and can learn from each other's respective processes of public policy building and reform that drive and innovate models for social cohesion. Knowing the debates, reflections and experiences that are taking place in the other regional reality helps each of the parties to look at a comparative perspective and gain lessons, inputs and ideas that come from a broader horizon.

Recíprocamente is an instrument of the EUROsociAL Program that aims to facilitate this mutual knowledge, this broader view between Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean. To this end, it gathers and makes available selected articles by experts (both academic and institutional), interviews with institutional representatives, studies by geographical areas, news and other information of interest.

How to participate in Reciprocamente? Reciprocamente is interested in disseminating the materials sent by our readers that may be useful for dialogue and reflection: essays, articles, studies, project ideas in operation, book reviews, interviews, forums, news about events, etc. To suggest the publication of an article, simply send the documentation to the email ifrancioni-fiiapp@eurosocial.eu

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