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Within the framework of its third phase of work, EUROsociAL has strengthened dialogue with the countries of Latin America by formalising national spaces for meeting and debate between the countries and the Programme, in order to support the development of national public policies which are increasingly more strategic and have an increased sense of priority, through a methodology that encourages inter-sectoral factors, complementarity and the coherence of the various actions proposed and accompanied. This space, called the Dialogue Table, has a flexible structure that is built jointly with each country based on the time of their connection with the Programme took place, and the specific requirements that the national institutions present in the exercise of the principle of orientation of the demand that structures EUROsociAL. Between 2018 and 2019, the coverage of these dialogues expanded more and more in Latin American countries. Today the dialogues have reached their 11th year and have become a vehicular and structuring tool for joint action with countries.

With the recent incorporation of the Dominican Republic into the Programme, it is pertinent to work with the country on the construction of its own space for inter-institutional dialogue with EUROsociAL+, which promotes an open debate around the priority policies for the country to address inequalities, focused on rights and based on the principle of equal opportunities between women and men. As a preparatory activity for the Dialogue Table, proposed for January 23, 2020, the Dominican Republic and EUROsociAL held meetings in December 2019 in which they defined the general guidelines that should guide the country debates, as well as the main sectoral areas which could focus the first phase of participation in the Programme.

To move forward in the context of a relationship of trust and work between the parties, the first session of the Country Dialogue Table proposed the main objectives of to meeting, finding common ground and looking to moving forward together.

EUROsociAL+ promotes an open and participatory debate in a space for reflection that contributes to meeting in the context of common themes and opportunities for inter-sectoral, inter-institutional and complementary work for the promotion of priority and strategic public policies, which seek to improve social cohesion with a gender focus, in order to cooperate with the country in further progress in achieving national policy results, as well as in its contributions to the 2030 Agenda commitments.

The exchange between the parties will allow mutual knowledge, since the Mesa País interaction space will bring together key actors from: the institutions that lead the priority public policies for the country in terms of social cohesion, EUROsociAL+, international experts and the portfolio of bilateral cooperation of the European Union - Dominican Republic. Contextual analyses will also be generated, for advancing in sustainable and inclusive development policies that promote the closing of inequality gaps, from the presentations of the country context and the most recent national studies available, generated directly by the institutions of the Dominican Republic or with the participation of international institutions (European Union; UNDP; OECD; ECLAC).

The working groups will be supported and energised by technical and expert people from the country and/or EUROsociAL who will promote a policy debate for social cohesion, under a rights-based approach and with a gender perspective, inviting inclusive debates that contemplate the differentiated effects that actions and policies generate in the lives of women and men. As far as results of this first Country Dialogue Table are concerned, it is expected to achieve:

  • A national coordination group formed by the institutions responsible for the implementation of the DIGECOOM Programme; DUE; EUROsociAL for the design and promotion of the country road map, as well as for the close and continuous monitoring of the Programme.
  • A map of factors that are complementary to the portfolio of European bilateral cooperation programmes and projects, and opportunities for multi-part work in the achievement of ongoing results, especially in the vicinity of a Post-Cotonou scenario.
  • A map of national priorities: identifying the main policies for cohesion, both articulated and coherent, that could be supported by EUROsociAL; starting from sectoral issues that arose in the dialogue preparation mission carried out in December 2019.
  • An initial offer map of the best public policy practices with the potential to integrate the Dominican offer to be shared within the scope of EUROsociAL+.

    In the photo, during the signing of the Dominican Republic into the EUROsociAL+ programme, at the Second Meeting of the Programme: Building Trust and Social Cohesion, carried out in Cartagena de Indias in July 2019.

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