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EUROsociAL and the Dominican Republic have set up a country forum for dialogue under the coordination of the European Union Delegation (EUD), the Dominican Republic's General Directorate for Multilateral Cooperation (DIGECOOM) and the EUROsociAL Programme. The country formally joined the programme in June 2019. With these institutions, two country round table meetings were held in 2020, in which the country's public organisations participated, and where the programme’s support action plan was identified. In 2021, the pre-round table meetings for coordinating and monitoring the actions required by the country have continued.The accompaniment continues in 2022.


The Programme supports the country with 31 actions.

The assistance itinerary list is in the Activities and Actions section, in approval, in execution and in finalised phase. This data comes from the EUROsociAL+ Information Organisation System (SOFIE) and is updated every 24 hours.

Related Activities and Actions

In the Related Activities and Actions section, you will find the list of activities for each of the actions that are in the approval, execution and completion phase. This data comes from the EUROsociAL + -SOFIE- Information Organization System and is updated every 24 hours. The menu allows you to choose to display from 10 to 100 activities, as well as filter by action area, country, lifecycle or searching by keyword. The data can be exported to Excel, by clicking on the lower section button, make sure that "Show 100" is selected so that the data is downloaded in a single Excel file.

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