As a regional cooperation programme for the accompaniment of public policies, EUROsociAL+ is aligned with the priorities agreed by the international community and implements these through the following principles of action:

Demand-orientated approach

According to the first of these approaches, which is demand, the Programme seeks to support the existing reform agenda in each country, preferably collaborating with those priorities which have a more strategic and medium- to long-term nature. Through this, the programme joins processes already set in motion for formulation and/or reform of the countries' public policies. In these processes, prioritization and technical-budgetary planning converge, and they often have, in addition to national impact, an influence on the regional or international agenda.

Focus on results

The results-oriented approach supplies a management strategy centred around obtaining substantial and sustainable results in the policy reform processes being supported, providing expertise and the necessary support to ensure the quality of the public policies and their impact on social cohesion.

Strategic nature

The Programme supports strategic policies within the government agendas of the countries in the region, attempting to avoid excessively administrative issues and specific requests for technical assistance.


Using a cross-sector line of action, EUROsociAL+ aims to create a comprehensive, inter-agency and multidisciplinary approach that favours a holistic understanding of complex realities and problems.

Regional dimension

One clear added value of the programme is its regional dimension, which should be favoured as much as possible by placing an emphasis on collective work between countries, the creation of common outputs, or the establishment of practice communities or networks.

South-South and triangular cooperation

The Programme fosters cooperation between the government agencies of the different Latin American countries by exploring paths of mutual learning and creating incentives for the establishment of stable networks and relationships between Latin American institutions.


The Programme proposes optimising its resources by seeking partnerships with other initiatives already underway, of both bilateral and multilateral donors, and especially with other regional programmes of the European Union.


The programme focuses its resources on those actions likely to generate a bigger impact, avoiding the proliferation of micro-activities. This principle is in some way similar to the two principles already referred to (strategic focus and demand-driven) to emphasise that EUROsociAL+ is a regional vocation programme that aims to generate positive dynamics for social cohesion.