Vaccines, transparency and access to information

11 May, 2021

The COVID-19 crisis has generated significant debate around transparency in state sector contracts and the management of vaccination processes. For this reason, the EUROsociAL+ Governance Area, promoted by FIIAPP, organised a webinar in which representatives of the Transparency and Access to Information Network (RTA) and experts discussed the main challenges faced in the region, the conclusions of which were given in this podcast by Borja Diaz, head of EUROsociAL+’s Good Governance section and the journalist Laura Cárdenas.

Country: Región América Latina
SDG: Paz, justicia e instituciones sólidas, Alianzas para lograr los objetivos
Policy area:

We talk about transversal skills with… Paloma Vivaldi and Paolo Raciti

1 February, 2021

EUROsociAL+ promotes transversal competences for social and labour inclusion, an action coordinated by the Social Policies Area at IILA. Journalist Luis Bruzón interviews specialists Paolo Raciti and Paloma Vivaldi (CISP), who are helping the EUROsociAL+ action with the Colombian Department of Social Prosperity to support the "Youth in Action" and "Families in Action" programmes.

Country: Colombia, Región América Latina
SDG: Trabajo decente y crecimiento económico
Policy area:

Corruption and gender: fight against human trafficking in Argentina

12 February, 2020

EUROsociAL+ contributes, with anti-corruption prosecutors and institutional entities of justice and equality, to identifying, making visible and addressing the different impacts of corruption on women in Latin America. Efforts are supported to combat the corruption facilitating human trafficking for sexual exploitation, as in the case described in this podcast by Borja Díaz, senior technician of Democratic Governance, and Ana Linda Solano, an expert on this subject in the EUROsociAL+ Programme and in the “España Global” programme of Radio Nacional de España.

Country: Argentina
SDG: Igualdad de género, Paz, justicia e instituciones sólidas
Policy area: