Partner Entities

These are entities of a public nature (administration, institution, organisation, etc.), national or foreign, key players in the implementation of EUROsociAL+ actions based on their knowledge and specific and unique experience in the thematic sectors demanded by Latin American countries.


The Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture (OEI in its Spanish acronym) is an international governmental body for cooperation between Ibero-American countries in the areas of education, science, technology and culture in the context of comprehensive development, democracy and regional integration.

The OEI participates in the following lines of action being performed by EUROsociAL+:

  • Active employment policies.
  • Policies for young adults, adolescents and children.


The Latin American Social Sciences Institute (the Spanish acronym of which is FLACSO) is an international organisation comprised of 18 member countries which currently pursues academic activities in 15 Latin American and Caribbean countries. Since its inception, its purpose has been to provide an autonomous regional space for the production of new knowledge, and form a meeting point for dialogue and cooperation between the academic world and that of public policies and be a privileged space for the contribution to Latin American and Caribbean integration and development.

FLACSO participates in the following lines of action being implemented by EUROsociAL+:

  • • Good governance and construction of citizenship.


The Foundation of the General Council of Spanish Advocates is a non-profit organisation whose aims are the defence of human rights and the development of cooperation. To achieve them, it develops projects, both inside and outside Spain, in the fields of defence, protection and the promotion of human rights.

The FCGAE participates in the following EUROsociAL+ lines of action:

  • Access to justice

ONCE Foundation

The ONCE Foundation for the Cooperation and Social Inclusion of People with Disabilities was created in February 1988 by agreement of the ONCE General Council. It was officially presented in September of that year as a cooperation and solidarity instrument linking Spanish blind people with other groups of people with disabilities designed to improve their living conditions. In addition to ONCE itself, as the founding entity, the main organisations of persons with disabilities in Spain are included in the ONCE Foundation, through its Board of Trustees, its highest governing body.

The ONCE Foundation participates in the following EUROsociAL+ lines of action:

  • Active Employment Policies.
  • Social inclusion policies