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18 August, 2021

In a new session of the cycle of Debates "EU-Chile Counterpoints for the Constituent Process", organised by the European Union Delegation in Chile in conjunction with a group of Chilean universities, the Italian academic Laura Fregolent and the Austrian specialist Susanne Bauer, experts from the EU EUROsociAL+ Programme, spoke about the social housing model in Italy and in the city of Vienna, respectively.

9 August, 2021

The right to social protection was the subject of a new cycle of debates "Chile-EU Counterpoints for the constituent process". Robert Bijl, chairman of the Humanitas Supervisory Council, and Ana Mohedano, deputy secretary general of the Ibero-American Social Security Organisation, agreed that each country’s reality is decisive for generating social transformations.

4 August, 2021

The EU Programme for Social Cohesion, through its FIIAPP-coordinated Governance Area and the Ibero-American Association of Public Prosecutor's Offices of Ibero-America, launch a campaign to publicise the corruption that conceals or facilitates trafficking and the ways to combat it.

28 July, 2021

The National Public Defenders Offices in the three countries have promoted the establishment of the Dialogue and Intersectoral Action Round Tables that will facilitate collaboration and coordination to care for persons deprived of their liberty who have been the victims of violence by public officials.

19 July, 2021

The right to education is one of the central issues that will be discussed by the Constitutional Convention, the body that has now begun its sessions and whose mission will be to draft a new fundamental text in a period of nine months to replace the Chilean Magna Carta.

14 July, 2021

The international seminar, organised by the Government of Guanajuato Secretariat of Finance, Investment and Administration and the European Union EUROsociAL+ programme, showcased the good practice developed by the State of Guanajuato, which has earned it several national and international distinctions.

9 July, 2021

The European Union Programme and Costa Rica presented the report on the analysis of results for the 2018–2020 period, a document that shows how more than twenty public policies have been improved in the Central American country.

28 June, 2021

The European Union EUROsociAL+ programme has supported the SICA Regional Integrated Social Policy (PSIR-SICA) 2020-2040 and the Plan for Recovery, Social Reconstruction and Resilience in Central America and the Dominican Republic (3R Plan).

24 June, 2021

The European Union programme aimed at promoting social cohesion, through its Democratic Governance Area coordinated by FIIAPP, organised an awareness-raising event related to the law, together with the OAS Secretariat for Legal Affairs International Law Department (DDI), the Transparency and Access to Information Network (RTA) and the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports State Archives Sub-directorate.

22 June, 2021

EUROsociAL+ and CLACSO present the report “Mapping Initiatives by Civil Society Organisations to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic”