Latin American Region, European Union Region · 12 May, 2020

EU-LAC ‘Challenges for Social Cohesion & Sustainable Development: Agenda 2030 after COVID-19’

Webinar | Covid-19 and Agenda 2030: challenges for social cohesion and sustainable development
Organizers: EU-LAC Foundation / EUROsociAL+
Monday May 11, 2020

Guiding questions:

How can LAC and the EU revitalize current cooperation efforts that promote social cohesion and the achievement of sustainable development goals?
How can countries maintain focus on the ODS and climate commitments to sustain past achievements and, in the recovery, make investments that lead to a more inclusive, sustainable and resilient future?

For this webinar, panellists will be selected preferably from representatives of cooperation programs and agencies from both regions, civil society organizations as well as experts in the field, taking care to ensure a balance of gender, regions and countries.

Country: Latin American Region, European Union Region
SDG: Partnerships for the goals
Policy area: Democratic governance policies, Gender equality policies, Social policies