Latin American Region · 14 April, 2022

Political and social pacts for a new Latin America

What kind of Latin America do we want for the future? One hundred diverse voices, those of women and men from different sectors and territorial levels of Latin American public systems, regional networks and civil society organisations, will be answering a single question: What political and social protocols do we need for a new, post-pandemic Latin America? For three days, those responsible for implementing public policies will be seeking answers and building options with social cohesion as the beacon of these policies at the “SOCIAL AND POLITICAL AGREEMENTS FOR A NEW LATIN AMERICA” meeting organised by EUROsociAL through the area of its Democratic Governance Policies, coordinated by the FIIAPP.

In this video-report, we show testimonies of those hundred voices.

Country: Latin American Region
SDG: Gender equality, Reduced inequalities, Partnerships for the goals
Policy area: Democratic governance policies