Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Latin American Region · 1 October, 2021

Social impact businesses – the construction of the Network of Public Entities for the exchange of these undertakings is making good progress

The second meeting of the Latin American Network on Public Policies for Investment and Impact Businesses has restated the regional interest in the formation of a community of public institutions of good practices that promote triple impact business ecosystems.

How important is the role of the State in the development of business ecosystems that have a social and environmental impact? What kinds of incentives and instruments facilitate their dissemination and what are the main obstacles they face?

These questions were analysed on 16 September by international experts during the second meeting of the Latin American Network on Public Policies for Investment and Impact Businesses, which was attended by public institutions from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay and Peru.

On this occasion, Giulio Pasi from the Joint Research Centerof the European Commission and Carolina Suárez, the CEO at Latimpacto, a network of social impact companies took part, sharing their views on what the role of public policies should be and the instruments needed to facilitate the development of impact business ecosystems in Latin America with those attending.

Representatives from Argentina’s Ministry of Productive Development, the Brazilian Ministry of Economy, Colombia’s Ministry of Commerce, the Peruvian Ministry of Production and Uruguay’s Office of Planning and Budgetary Affairs then presented their reflections on the demands made and the initiatives that are being carried out in each country. The meeting also represented an opportunity to present to the countries the regional mapping on triple impact that EUROsociAL+ will be carrying out over the coming months and which, once completed, could be a useful tool in the identification of possible areas of inter-country collaboration

The EUROsociAL+ programme has been accompanying the interests of the region in the development and strengthening of the social impact issue since 2018, especially in Brazil with the National Strategy for Investments and Impact Business (Enimpacto), and more recently, Argentina’s Ministry of Productive Development with the construction of a triple impact business ecosystem in the country. The programme is enthusiastic about the formation of a community of good practices around this issue and how it is increasingly capturing the attention and interest of countries.



Country: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Latin American Region
SDG: Decent work and economic growth, Partnerships for the goals
Policy area: Social policies