Mexico · 24 February, 2020

Improving the link between the National Employment Service of Mexico and the labour contracting systems

The extension of this initiative to ten federative entities is planned by the SNE within the framework of the support of the social policy area of EUROsociAL+ in IILA

The employment policy expert Fabio Boscherini and the expert Marcelo Simonetta carried out a mission to Mexico as part of an action to strengthen the National Employment Service (SNE), with the aim of improving the links that the SNE Offices (OSNEs) have with employers.

Together with Ministry of Labour teams,  revision was made of a proposal for a marketing plan focused on supplying services which the SNE directs at companies. During the mission week, it was agreed to refine this plan with a pilot scheme, so that the contracting advisers (who are in charge of the relationship with companies) can implement it according to specific objectives, goals and strategy.

In the next mission it is planned to implement the plan in a federative entity which is to be selected. The objective is to specifically define the processes of managing and monitoring activities related to companies and employers. In principle, the SNE wants to extend the use of the marketing plan to ten states.

Country: Mexico
SDG: Decent work and economic growth
Policy area: Social policies