Report on the analysis of EUROsociAL+ results, Costa Rica

Date: July 8, 2021
Hour: 9:00 am Costa Rica - 5:00 pm Brussels
Country or Region: Costa Rica
Language: Spanish
Topic: Exchange of experiences
Olicy Areas: Democratic governance policies, Gender equality policies, Social policies

The analysis of results seeks to make visible the support provided by EUROsociAL+ to Costa Rica’s public policy reforms, as well as the main results and contributions achieved by Costa Rican institutions and the European Union in the framework of the Cooperation Programme for the Improvement of Social Cohesion in Latin America.

After 15 years of working in the region and in the country, the technical report shows that EUROsociAL continues to be a relevant and pertinent instrument for promoting policies that affect the main inequality gaps in both areas, under a multidimensional, complementary and inclusive approach that leaves no one behind. EUROsociAL’s action in Costa Rica has achieved significant sectoral and institutional coverage, allowing the three public powers to be brought together under the same cooperation programme, while promoting citizen participation both in policy construction and in access to new and/or better public services.

This event wants to bring together the institutions involved in this process, in addition to all those Latin American and EU institutions that participate in the design, implementation and evaluation of public policies in any field. Likewise, this meeting is open to participation by anyone with an interest in the matter.

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