Action protocol to facilitate access to justice for people in the context of human mobility for public defenders in Argentina

Date: February 23, 2022
Hour: 10:00 am -
Country or Region: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Topic: Social cohesion
Olicy Areas: Democratic governance policies

Migration is a complex phenomenon that has been particularly worrying at the international level due to its scale and speed. Migrants and refugees go through very difficult circumstances and it is necessary to define and develop better conditions so that they can claim their rights outside their countries of origin, where they generally find themselves without support networks. Legal assistance for migrants and refugees is a fundamental right that can change these peoples’ destiny. Access to justice, also understood as access to rights, enables the insertion and integration of these people in the host societies, in short, for social cohesion and a more inclusive society.

In this context, at the end of 2019, in coordination with AIDEF, a regional action promoted by Chile, Brazil and Argentina was conceived to guarantee legal assistance and protect the rights of people in a situation of mobility, consisting of the definition of a regional model and the creation of a regional network of legal assistance for migrants and refugees from Public Defender’s Offices.

As a derivation of the regional model at the national level, an Action protocol has been defined with the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Argentina for public defenders, with the aim of facilitating access to justice for people in the context of human mobility in Argentina.


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