Political and social pacts for a new Latin America

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Country or Region: Chile
Topic: Social cohesion
Olicy Areas: Democratic governance policies

The pandemic has marked a turning point for development in Latin America, development that was already showing signs of exhaustion before the global humanitarian, social and economic crisis began. This exhaustion was reflected in the social discontent of citizens frustrated by their expectations for reduction of inequalities and more well-being, and that since the end of 2019 they have been taking to the streets, starting a wave of social demonstrations, firstly in Chile, leading to a constituent process, but also in other countries such as Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, etc.

On 12, 13 and 14 January 2022, at the Valparaíso Cultural Park, we will create a space for debate, exchange of knowledge and reflection on the new pillars that support these social pacts with a simple question: How do we envisage Latin America in the coming decade? EUROsociAL+ will do what it does best: facilitate co-creation spaces for the exchange of experiences, policy dialogue and the collective construction of alternatives. We are optimistic, and first of all we would like to recognise what we have achieved together in recent years in four areas: rights, accountability, territory and taxation. And secondly, we would like to debate and share viewpoints about problems for which we still do not have clear or definitive answers.

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