Parity democracy on the public policies agenda of Argentina and the region

Date: March 16, 2021
Hour: 11:30 am Buenos Aires - 3:30 pm Bruselas
Country or Region: Argentina, Latin American Region, European Union Region
Language: Spanish
Topic: Exchange of experiences
Olicy Areas: Gender equality policies

The new paradigm of parity democracy, promoted by feminist movements and international organisations together with women who occupy decision-making positions in states, come forward to place on the regional public agenda the need to move forward with the generation of states, societies and democracies which are more just, inclusive and egalitarian. The event aims to present the progress and challenges for parity democracy in Argentina and Latin America and the actions that the EUROsociAL+ gender equality policy area has been supporting in the country.

This activity is co-organised by the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity, the Ministry of the Interior and the Honourable Chamber of Deputies of the Nation of Argentina together with the Gender Equality policy area of the EU EUROsociAL+ Programme.