Policies aimed at reducing sexual harassment within law enforcement and security agencies

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Country or Region: Peru
Language: Spanish
Topic: Social cohesion
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Since women entered the labour force en masse, they have had to deal with a series of difficulties that have challenged their ability to access and stay in the labour market under equal conditions. These challenges have also affected the women who work in the police forces and security forces of the States; therefore, even though their participation is widespread and formally guaranteed, their presence is relatively recent and limited.

Although there is a set of general and special regulations that formally protect the right to equal opportunities between women and men, and that prohibit all forms of discrimination, in practice women, especially those in the police forces, still face a series of challenges linked to their gender, which hinder full exercise of their right to participate and work in these spaces.

Since 2021, the Gender Equality Policies area has been assisting the Peruvian Ministry of the Interior in the creation of a mechanism for tracking and monitoring sexual harassment within the National Police of Peru.

The proposed activities include the present exchange of experiences on good practices in the implementation of policies and mechanisms aimed at reducing and eliminating discrimination and gender-based violence within the police forces and security forces, particularly sexual harassment.

It will be attended by the following:

  1. Fabiola Baca Moreno, General Director of the Police Ombudsman of the Ministry of the Interior, Peru.
  2. Stella Baracaldo Méndez, External Advisor for the educational qualification processes of agents of the Secretariat of Security, Coexistence and Justice of the Secretariat of Security of the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá, Colombia.
  3. Carolina Justo von Lurzer, former National Director of Gender Policies of the Argentine Ministry of National Security.
  4. Anna Almécija Casannova, Criminologist and Jurist, Equality Agent. Expert in incorporating the gender perspective in security. Associate professor at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.
  5. Katherine Herrera Aguilar, Political Scientist and internationalist member of the Network of Strategic Studies on Security and Defence, Ecuador Chapter.
  6. Patricia Gómez, Deputy Director of the Postgraduate Course on Gender and Law at the Law School of the University of Buenos Aires and member of the Gender in Justice Observatory of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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