Chile-EU dialogues. Roundtable VI: Fundamental Rights

Hour: -
Country or Region: Chile, European Union Region
Language: Spanish
Topic: Exchange of experiences
Olicy Areas: Democratic governance policies

The three sessions of the “Gender and Constitution” roundtable are part of the “Chile-European Union Roundtable” seminar cycle organised by the European Union Delegation in Chile, the Chilean Chamber of Deputies, the Chilean Agency for International Cooperation (AGCID) and the Library of the National Congress, with support from the European Union’s EUROsociAL+ programme.

Throughout this roundtable meeting, the issue of fundamental rights will be analysed. The first session will address the general question of which list or catalogue of fundamental rights would be ideal for the new Chilean Constitution, based on the experience of the country itself and also in terms of the European panorama. The second session will be devoted to the judicial guarantees of these rights and the position of the Constitutional Court as guarantor of fundamental rights. The third and final session will deal with the right to education and the right to housing, which, within the context of fundamental rights, undoubtedly play an extremely important role. The two rights pose a series of structural questions regarding their own constitutional essence and implementation, which is why they deserve a specific section.

Tuesday, 8 June 2021 (11 am – Santiago de Chile, 5 pm – Brussels).

SESSION 1: The new catalogue of fundamental rights for the Constitution.

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Thursday, 10 June 2021 (11 am – Santiago de Chile, 5 pm – Brussels).

SESSION 2: The guarantees of fundamental rights

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 Tuesday, 15 June 2021 (11 am – Santiago de Chile, 5 pm – Brussels).

SESSION 3: Rights to education and housing

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