Debates on gender, corruption and economic crimes in Europe and Latin America Learnings and cross views between Latin America and Europe in the fight against gender violence

Date: December 4, 2020
Hour: 10:00 am Buenos Aires y São Paulo - 2:00 pm París y Madrid
Country or Region: Latin American Region, European Union Region
Language: Spanish
Topic: Social cohesion
Olicy Areas: Democratic governance policies, Gender equality policies

The analysis of the connection between gender and economic crimes – among which corruption stands out – is the centre of this dialogue, which seeks to make visible the direct and negative impacts of corruption suffered by girls and women as a vulnerable population. The debate focuses on the elements that can strengthen strategies and tools for the inclusion of a gender perspective in public policies.

During the sessions, issues such as gender relations within criminal structures and markets were discussed in order to make visible, question and analyse the way in which they operate around systems of collective interaction, thereby generating new questions and inputs aimed at understanding these economic crimes, which include corruption.

This event is organised by European Women Lawyers Association Berkeley Center on Comparative Equality & Anti-Discrimination Law and by the Gender Equality policy area of the EU’s EUROsociAL+ programme