The New Fiscal Pact, Counter-cyclical Fiscal Policies and the New Role of the Public in Recovery – second webinar of the cycle: Tax Policies to Combat the Economic and Social Impact of covid-19

Date: May 12, 2020
Hour: 5:00 pm Madrid -
Country or Region: Latin American Region
Language: Spanish
Topic: Social cohesion
Olicy Areas: Democratic governance policies

This webinar, held on the 12th May 2020 and explored the medium- and long-term fiscal policies required after overcoming the covid-19 health crisis and the transition to the economic and social recovery phase. Likewise, the need for a new fiscal pact that redefines the role of the public in the recovery phase was addressed, as were the instruments needed to develop countercyclical fiscal policies that might enable a vigorous and inclusive solution.

This second exchange is part of the “Fiscal Policies to Combat the Social Impact of covid-19” webinar cycle organised by SISCA and the European Union’s Programme for social cohesion in Latin America – EUROsociAL + with the support of the Executive Secretariat of the Cosefin. Video Access

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