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26 May, 2021

The Institute for Access to Public Information (IAIP), with the support of the USAID Activity for Fiscal Transparency, the Transparency and Access to Information Network (RTA), and the European Union EUROsociAL+ cooperation programme, organised the International Virtual Seminar “Good practices for citizen participation in improving public information during the COVID-19 pandemic”.

1 July, 2020

The COMMCA Technical Secretariat and the Central American Secretariat for Social Integration (SISCA) held the web forum entitled ‘Violence against women in the framework of COVID-19, Impact and measures to address it in the Central American Integration System (SICA) region and in Latin America, dialogue with Europe’, with the support of the European Union programme EUROsociAL+.

29 May, 2020

In times of COVID-19, it is urgent to promote alternative measures to the deprivation of liberty, as a solution to problems in prisons in Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union. The regional programmes of the European Union: PAcCTO, EUROsociAL+ and COPOLAD II are organising a webinar to analyse alternative measures to prison in times of COVID-19 and future challenges.

1 June, 2020

The EUROsociAL+ Programme, in coordination with the Secretariat for Central American Social Integration - SISCA, carried out a cycle of webinars to promote reflection between the European Union and Latin America on different fiscal policy measures aimed at providing short, medium and long term responses to the COVID-19 crisis

23 November, 2020

The EU EUROsociAL+ programme, through its Governance Area Policies in FIIAPP, participated in the “Public finance for development - public revenue in the Covid-19 context” laboratory organised by the Spanish Cooperation Training Centre in Montevideo.

19 April, 2020

The EUROsociAL+ Democratic Governance policy area at FIIAPP co-organised an online conference in which it shared its experience with the territorial development work axis and mobilised the expertise of Fundación Secretariado Gitano in Spain.

8 April, 2020

Virtual forum on reactive social protection against emergencies co-organised by the European Union Programme for social cohesion (EUROsociAL+), with the Secretariat for Central American Social Integration, SISCA, and the World Food Programme, WFP.

30 April, 2020

The Programme's Social Policies area at IILA continues to exchange information with Argentine officials on labour and social security policies implemented in Europe to deal with the economic and social crisis related to the coronavirus.

8 May, 2020

The European Union, through EUROsociAL+, has promoted a cycle of webinars with the IDB, AFD and SISCA for the exchange of experiences between Europe and Latin America, which started with the theme of long-term centres for the elderly.

21 May, 2020

In the framework of the cycle of exchanging experiences on care policies directed at dependent people during the pandemic, EUROsociAL+ organised a second webinar in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the French Development Agency and the Central American Secretariat for Social Integration (SISCA).