The programme

EUROsociAL+ is a cooperation programme between Latin America and the European Union which seeks to contribute to improving social cohesion in Latin American countries, as well as to institutional strengthening through support to their processes for the design, reform and implementation of public policies. It focusses its action on the areas of gender, governance and social policy.

This is a programme funded by the European Commission which for the past 10 years has been providing a space for peer-to-peer learning and experience exchange between counterpart institutions of the two regions, favouring the use of a broad catalogue of tools relevant to each process.

Through an elusive and multidimensional understanding of social cohesion centred around the concept of welfare based on equal opportunity, a sense of belonging and solidarity, EUROsociAL, in its two first phases (EUROsociAL I (2005-2010) and EUROsociAL II (2011-2015)), has contributed to the formulation and enhancement of public policies, institutional capacity building, and the establishment of important international commitments.

In this third phase, EUROsociAL+ intends to provide continuity to its policy mandate through follow-up of the processes started and the results obtained in previous years, identifying and supporting new demands in the beneficiary countries and, in particular, promoting the integration of the gender perspective in all its actions. 

EUROsociAL+ focusses on the implications and effects that the design, formulation and implementation of public policies have on men and women, emphasizing the need for policies and programmes in all areas to address this focus in order to gradually contribute to reducing inequality and generate a positive impact on social cohesion.