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EUROsociAL+ News - September 2019

Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union reflect on alternative measures to imprisonment

Three regional cooperation programmes of the European Union (EUROsociAL+, COPOLAD II and EL PAcCTO) have united their forces and innovative working methods to organize the Bi-Regional Conference on the Development of Alternatives to the Deprivation of Liberty.

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Second Meeting of the EUROsociAL+ Programme “Trust And Social Cohesion”

The EUROsociAL+ Program is midway through its look at trust, a classic concept of social sciences and once again at the core of current debates. The second Meeting of the EUROsociAL+ Programme which will take place in Cartagena de Indias (9-12 July) is intended to be a chance to share and explore the concept of trust as an essential component of social cohesion and new cooperation instruments. The Presidential Agency for International Cooperation, APC-Colombia, and the Delegation of the European Union, in collaboration with EUROsociAL, are coordinating the most important annual event of the European Commission Reference Programme for regional cooperation in Latin America.
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EUROsociAL+ and the president of Costa Rica meet to strengthen the social agenda


First consolidation meeting of the AIAMP’s Specialised Gender Network organised

Supporting the 15th Meeting of the IDB Results-Based Budgeting Network

At the centre of the European Development Days dedicated to tackling inequalities

EUROsociAL+ Forums on Capacity4dev

EUROsociAL + launches the Forum on "New actors and new spaces for the construction of the EU-LAC agenda"

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Trust and social cohesion

Several authors
Areas: Social Polcies, Gender Equality, Democratic Governance
Keywords: trust, social cohesion

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Weaving trust for social cohesion

Several authors
Areas: Social Polcies, Gender Equality, Democratic Governance
Keywords: trust, social cohesion, inequality, democracy
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Justice for social cohesion. The case of Lorenza Cayuhan and "The 100 rules of Brasilia"
In this documentary we approach the case of Lorenza, a Mapuche woman deprived of liberty who was forced to give birth in a hat and in the presence of male prison officials.

This case became a judicial process for the defense of the rights of persons deprived of liberty that achieved procedural and legislative changes in Chile, oriented towards this type of situation not happening again. All this in the framework of "The 100 Rules of Brasilia" on access to justice for people in vulnerable situations.
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EDD 2019

18-19, June (Brussels, Belgium)

Second EUROsociAL+ Meeting

9 to 12, July (Cartagena de Indias, Colombia)

Press Review

The Argentine Congress carried out, together with the EUROsociAL + Program, an “International Workshop on Good Practices in Legislative Opening”, Argentina (09 sep).- International experts and national officials discussed the progress and challenges to promote the opening of Parliaments both at legislative and administrative levels.

Collaborative construction for the lives of women (by Wendy Briceño Zuluaga, deputy of Morena and president of the Gender Equality Commission)

Heraldo de México (20 aug.).- Our job is to build bridges that do not revictimize and monitor those who are responsible for the safety of all (photo: El Heraldo de México).


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