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January 2020

 “SacrifiXio, la consagración de la paz” by El Colegio del Cuerpo at the II EUROsociAL+ Programme meeting  in Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) © Casa Productora
EUROsociAL+ outlook for 2020
EUROsociAL has generated trusted relational capital over the years, placing it as a high-value mechanism to exercise a facilitating role in the dialogue for the creation of new inclusive social pacts that “do not leave anyone behind”, in line with the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda.  
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Country round-tables

We begin the year by looking back over events in Latin America in the last quarter of 2019: events that should make us consider, within the scope of EU and Latin American cooperation, the path the programme needs to take to contribute to reduce those inequality gaps that are partly responsible for social needs. We need to be efficient, but also strategic, focusing our joint actions with Latin America governments on the search for that social cohesion that strengthens societies and renews trust in institutions. Practically speaking, the EUROsociAL+ results framework should be the benchmark for a job well done, but above all, useful for public policy. We also kick off the new year with the challenge to incorporate the Dominican Republic into the programme; a country we welcome as enthusiastically as we do the new year.

News: Mexico Round-table
News: Strategic prioritisation workshop in Brazil



Strengthening gender equality policies in Colombia

The director of EuropeAid for Latin America and the Caribbean, Jolita Butkeviciene, and the Colombian high presidential councillor for women's equality, Gheidy Gallo, highlight the gender-aware actions carried out by EUROsociAL+ in the country.

Inclusive education in Uruguay: when teaching makes a difference

Montevideo hosted a series of workshops on inclusivity and equity in education as part of the support action of the EUROsociAL+ Programme for the National Public Education Administration (ANEP).
Contributing to the unification of criteria to detect and fight against corruption in Peru
EUROsociAL+ has identified and shared best practices for procedural speed in cases of corruption involving officials and organised crime that have enabled the Peru’s Judicial Authority to reach a consensus as to these to handle cases and hearings of this type.

Towards a regional social policy for the Central American Integration System

The Secretariat of Central American Social Integration (SISCA), in its role as technical office to the Social Integration Council, in collaboration with EUROsociAL+ and the FAO, held national consultation workshops in the eight SICA member countries to start the process of drawing up a regional social policy.
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EUROsociAL+ results framework

One of the priorities for EUROsociAL+ over the next two years is to make its achievements visible. As a starting point, we have developed a results framework that will allow us to identify what we have contributed in the area of public policies for social cohesion. The tool consists of 8 major groups of results, which are then divided into 32 subcategories. This framework will also identify the programme's contributions to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and to the Transitional Development approach. 
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TWO-WAY DIALOGUES women, trust and public policies  

Do women who have suffered violence trust public institutions? Can public policies change our view on gender violence? These are just some of the issues discussed by Heidi Canzobre, National Director of Technical Assistance at the National Women's Institute of Argentina and the Mexican, Claudia Gray, gender expert for the EUROsociAL+ Programme in this first edition of TWO-WAY Dialogues.
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EUROsociAL+ in the Media

Inequality makes Latin Americans distrustful
Article by El País journalist Alejandra Agudo published in its ‘Planeta Futuro’ section on the occasion of the workshop entitled "new actors and new spaces to build the EU-LAC Agenda".
A continent on the move
Article by the Italian-Argentine anthropologist, Alfredo Luís Somoza, President of ICEI, and expert in international politics, written after the III ECLAC Development Conference, which EUROsociAL+ both supported and participated in.
The power of transparency
Article about advances in the right of access to public information by Borja Díaz, senior technician in Democratic Governance policies at EUROsociAL+, published in the ‘Planeta Futuro’ section of El País.
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EUROsociAL+ forums on Capacity4dev

EUROsociAL+ launches the forum on "accessibility barriers, women with disabilities and victims and survivors of gender violence" on the platform 

The forum came about to lend continuity to the activity aimed at providing an exchange space for representatives of international organizations, civil society organisations, academia and activists who are currently working on disability and gender issues, accessibility barriers and violence against women to establish a work agenda that addresses the obstacles and challenges faced by women with disabilities and victims and survivors of violence. The event was organised by the Inter-American Commission of Women (CIM), as the Technical Office to MESECVI, George Washington University and the EUROsociAL+ Programme. 
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Report on the II Meeting of the EUROsociAL+ Programme in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

Trust and social cohesion

Various authors
Áreas: Gender Equality, Democratic Governance and Social Policies
Keywords: trust, social cohesion

EUROsociAL+ tools nº 10

Protocol on care for rural women with respect to access to justice and land

Authors: Carmen Miguel and Norma Villarreal
Area: Gender Equality, Democratic Governance and Social Policies
Keywords: justice, land, post-conflict, Colombia, equality, equity
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Bi-regional conference on the use of alternative measures to deprivation of liberty (September 19 and 20, 2019. Montevideo, Uruguay)

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EUROsociAL+ 2020 Agenda

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