Revisiting bi-regional relations: The EU-Latin American dialogue and diversification of interregional cooperation

Author / Authors: Coordinated by Wolfgang Haider e Isabel Clemente Batalla
Publication date: 06/11/2020
This collective book presents the papers submitted to discussion at the panel “The Euro-Latin American dialogue and diversification of interregional cooperation” during the 9th Congress of CEISAL that took place in Bucharest in July 2019. The focus was on discussion of the evolution, state-of-the art and paradigmatic changes in EU-Latin American (and, to some extent, Caribbean) relations, and the identification of pathways for strengthening these collaboration efforts in the framework
of the Sustainable Development Goals. Many current bi-regional processes are analysed and reflected throughout the book. including the contribution of the EUROsociAL program is counted as examples of development cooperation with Latin America and the Caribbean, promoted by the European Union, contained in a chapter of the publication.


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Coordinator: Otros
Language: English
Section: Sharing EUROsociAL
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Number: 1
Type of publication: Other publications
Area: Democratic governance policies, Gender equality policies, Social policies
Keyword: cooperation, ODS, bi-regional, EUROsociAL, EULAC, Latin America and the Caribbean, CEISAL, European Union
SDG: Partnerships for the goals