What is the action strategy of EUROsociAL+?

Given its nature as a regional programme, EUROsociAL+ supports the construction of a country vision, begun in earlier phases, taking a comprehensive approach that allows for dialogue and ensures the coherence of the national and regional dimensions, valuing and respecting the realities, needs and priorities represented in the reform agendas of each state.

Despite the regional dimension, multi-country actions and work with networks continue to be the essential tools of the programme for cooperative work on the construction and strengthening of visions and strategic frameworks shared in the region. With this perspective, EUROsociAL+ also promotes work in conjunction with consolidated  and emerging  networks that become involved in regional reform processes to strengthen the cohesion processes in the Americas in a multidimensional way.

Likewise, EUROsociAL+ works on coordination and complementarity with other cooperation initiatives (bilateral, regional, bi-regional) addressing needs that arise within its scope of action that cannot be covered by other instruments, and/or generating effective synergies for addressing complex and multi-actor problems. Under this umbrella, the programme depends on the participation of major regional and international  bodies as partner entities.

To achieve its objectives, EUROsociAL+ has the capacity to identify and rapidly mobilise experts from Latin American and European institutions to transmit knowledge, experiences and lessons learnt in each of the supported sectors, guaranteeing a technical dialogue at regional and bi-regional levels.

Lastly, the knowledge generated and shared within the framework of the experience exchanges represents an essential asset of the programme, which is committed to the creation and maintenance of a comprehensive knowledge management system that enables planning, documentation and follow-up of its activities and results.