How is EUROsociAL+ oriented?

EUROsociAL+ orients its action through three working approaches: demand, results and intersectorality.

The first of these approaches, demand, seeks to respect the existing reform agenda in each country, created based on dialogue and consensus, which is responsive to the idiosyncrasy, needs and priorities of each. Through this, the programme joins processes already set in motion for formulation and/or reform of the countries' public policies. In these processes, prioritization and technical-budgetary planning converge, and they often have, in addition to national impact, an influence on the regional or international agenda.

The results-oriented approach supplies a management strategy centred around obtaining substantial and sustainable results in the policy reform processes being supported, providing expertise and the necessary support to ensure the quality of the public policies and their impact on social cohesion.

Lastly, through intersectorality, EUROsociAL+ aims to create a comprehensive, inter-agency and multidisciplinary approach that favours a holistic understanding of complex realities and problems.