Inteviews and articles

“Our rights cost money”

Interview with Antanas Mockus: the former mayor of Bogotá, Colombia, talks to us about the importance of tax education in ensuring that the public see taxes as a contribution toward common goals


EUROsociAL+, looking for answers

Creativity laboratories gave a voice to the different realities existing in the Latin American countries through children and young people at risk of exclusion


Tax culture and armed conflict, the Colombian experience

Hernando Vásquez, director of the tax administration in Florencia -Caquetá-, recounts his experiences in a territory controlled by guerrilla and paramilitary groups, hostile to the collection of taxes and where officials were expelled at gunpoint

Development story

EDD17, a new way of understanding development

European Development Days 2017 can't be understood without the new European Consensus on Development, an agreement that aligns EU development policy with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the 2030 Agenda