Gender equality policies area meeting: “Euro-Latin American dialogue on the fight against gender violence”

From 25 to 27, June, 2018

Paris, France

The purpose of this meeting is to create a space for triangular dialogue between Europe and Latin America around the fight against gender violence in its different manifestations, from harassment to femicide in order to continue improving public policy, social cohesion and the participation of citizens in Latin America. 

The specific goals are:

• Mobilising Europe’s offering of best practices from different countries to create ties and/or provide consultancy to Latin American countries that are beneficiaries of EUROsociAL+.

• Communicating best practices from both sides, particularly in the fight against femicides, supporting victims and changes in masculinity.

• Facilitating multidisciplinary dialogue between justice system officials and social workers around common goals and programmes.

• Improving the cohesiveness of the entire chain, including improving sanctions on perpetrators of violence, support, protection, compensation of victims, prevention and education, particularly of men and young people of both sexes.  

We reccomend the following videos:

Diálogo euro-latinoamericano en torno al combate de la violencia de género (subtitles in english)

Interview with Aurélie Latourès, Centre Haubertine Auclert, Francia (subtitles in spanish)

Interview with Helena Hansen, Danish Women Society (subtitles in spanish)

Interview with Ana Aminta Madrid, Minister of Woman -INAM-, Honduras