XIV International Meeting of the Transparency and Access to Information Network

7th to 9th November, 2017

San Salvador

Within the framework of regional initiatives promoted by EUROsociAL+, the programme will be supporting the XIV Meeting of the Transparency and Access to Public Information Network (RTA) in San Salvador, organised by IAIP.  The RTA is an international exchange network for bodies and/or public entities that have supervisory functions in transparency and the right of access to public information. The following countries are members of the RTA: Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Spain, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, Honduras, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Guatemala. The World Bank and the OAS are among its new members.

EUROsociAL is supporting the event with the presence of various international experts and the coordination of three workshops on the three RTA projects being promoted by the Programme: 1) Transparency and gender; 2) document and archives management 3) the model for measuring the right of access to information.